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Do you know the value of your business?

We’re engaged by folks to perform valuations for a wide variety of reasons (litigation, death and taxes – you name it).  But some of the smartest and most successful business owners engage us simply to understand the value of their business now.     Why?  Because there are they are attuned to these 5 things that ultimately increase net worth and smooth the path to a successful retirement: Continue Reading…

We’re Hiring. Are you a Business Valuation Ninja?

So, you’ve got mad business valuation skills?  Come test them out – Quantive is hiring!  We are looking for both a senior valuation analyst (ie specific biz val experience is a must), as well as hiring for an entry level junior role (financial experience yes, biz val would be great but isn’t critical). Click through below for details…

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Entry Level Software Product Manager
Tysons Corner, VA  |  Contract


No calls please – apply directly on Indeed.

Top 5 Ways Your Marketing Efforts Can Drive Value in 2015

[Editors Note: We’re super happy to have Rachel Durkan with us  from  Paradigm Marketing.  She brings a unique perspective – as a marketing pro – to a subject near and dear to us: improving value. ]

Most business owners hope to grow their business and eventually sell it for a profit. This is no easy task, and even the most seasoned entrepreneur can face obstacles along the way. A comprehensive marketing strategy is just one piece of the whole, but it is crucial to business success. Continue Reading…

5 Steps to Selling Your Business

Selling a business can be a stressful event.  Given the size of the asset – and likely it’s importance to your retirement – you can just imagine that there are going to be some white knuckle moments.  To reduce your anxiety level and increase your odds of success, here are five items to consider as you ramp up for a sale. Continue Reading…


A bad buy-sell agreement and an $11million mistake…

Speaking of expensive litigation, a New Jersey case might really drive home that point.  In the Estate of Cohen v. Booth Computers, on appeal the court ruled that a long-ago drafted buy-sell continued to be the controlling document.  It cost the plaintiff $11 million.

In the Cohen case, the buysell provided for a fixed valuation definition: Continue Reading…


Critical Valuation Considerations for a Buy-Sell Agreement

In any organization where there is more than one owner, the drafting of a buy-sell agreement is of paramount importance.  Even the strongest business relationships among partners can be tested by retirement, transition or some other form of transaction.

A buy-sell agreement sets the parameters for any potential transaction which may take place. It also provides valuable guidance for those inevitable real life situations. It is absolutely necessary in order to avoid potential litigation upon the departure of an owner, as is often the case the leaving owner believes that his shares are worth more than the remaining owners believe they are worth.

With that in mind, we’ll review a few items that we routinely encounter from a valuation standpoint. Continue Reading…

Lenders Speak: “Getting the Deal Done”

Great event this morning!  Thanks so much to Mark Moore and Adam Nalls of Access National Bank, as well as Bruno De Faria of M&T Bank, for providing some great insights into the lending market.   We tasked our panelists with discussing what they are seeing in the market in terms of acquisition finance, challenges that they typically see related to deals, and to share some tips and tricks on getting the deal through underwriting.

A few take-aways from the event: Continue Reading…

Stop Asking for Easy

If you’ve ever sat through a talk I’ve given or, as a business owner, sat with me one-on-one talking about exit planning, there is a 100% chance that you’ve heard me talk about how hard it is to get it done right.  And I don’t say that to be negative – I’m talking about hard things because we have to embrace the difficult in order to do great things. Continue Reading…

June EPI Meeting – How to Get More Transactions Financed

Business acquirers (and to some extent, advisors) are often surprised when lenders take a pass on an acquisition finance opportunity, with the underlying reasons remaining a mystery. In reality, the reason for the turn down can often be easily explained (and ideally, remedied). For instance, often, the bank simply does not finance the type of acquisition that the buyer is requesting.

The presenters in this session will explain what type of bank and financing is appropriate for which type of acquisition (commercial, asset based, SBA), and the current lending environment for each in the DC Market The panel will discuss how to properly package the loan that results in loan approval, how deal structure impacts the attractiveness of the deal, and other elements from the lenders’ perspective.

Please join us.  Register here.

Ritz-Carlton Tysons, 1700 Tysons Blvd, McLean, VA 22102

June, 21 2017

7:30am – 9:30am

Plan for Post Tax Proceeds

This won’t come as a surprise, but nearly every business owner who is approaching a sale is focused on realizing the highest possible price. What may come as a surprise though, is that few are focused on the right number. The question “how much can I get for the company?” should always be followed by “after taxes.”

There are a number of issues that are going to alter your post tax proceeds (which is why we always recommend embarking on an Exit Planning Process).  With an appraisal in hand, working with a qualified tax advisor is a great way to really drill down on how a transaction might look for you and affect your retirement.

So, what kind of tax are we talking about? Continue Reading…