April EPI Meeting Wrap Up

Thanks for coming everyone! And thanks to our speakers Tom Roback and Marc Marlin, what a great event!  We’ve had a number of requests for the slide deck – we’ll make that available for download shortly.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next month for our Happy Hour in Tysons!


Join Us – State of Owner Readiness Survey

Fellow professionals and advisors – join us in participating in the State of Owner Readiness Survey here in the D.C. market.   This survey has been completed in 10+ markets around the country and seeks to help quantify how business owners have approached exit planning within a geographic market.  We all know how unique the D.C. market is, and we are really excited to see how we stack up to the rest of the country.

For some background, check out the below webinar from last week hosted by our partner EPI with Scott Snider: Continue Reading…

When Do Earn-outs Really Work?

Here’s a universal truth about earn-outs: buyers love them and sellers hate them.   From a buyers point of view, what could be better?  We are deferring a portion of the purchase price and transferring risk back onto the seller.  From the seller’s point of view…. what a load of horse-hockey!   Continue Reading…

Dan Doran Published in Financial Advisor Mag

If you’re a financial advisor you’ve likely spent ample time with clients that are focused on the more liquid portions of their portfolio… and ignore the elephant in the room.  By ignoring their operating company as a component of their portfolio the entrepreneur is potentially jeopardizing their retirement.

Check out Dan’s latest writing on the topic in Financial Advisor Magazine.

Doran Published in Virginia Business Magazine

Virginia Business magazine recently published Dan Doran’s article on “Three Secrets to Making Your Business More Sellable.”   Dan discusses working on the risk profile of your business, building “transferability” into your company, an briefly touches on structuring the deal.  Read more @ Virginia Business.

Stop Asking for Easy

If you’ve ever sat through a talk I’ve given or, as a business owner, sat with me one-on-one talking about exit planning, there is a 100% chance that you’ve heard me talk about how hard it is to get it done right.  And I don’t say that to be negative – I’m talking about hard things because we have to embrace the difficult in order to do great things. Continue Reading…

Business Valuation and Divorce – Tis The Season

Regardless of your profession, we have a few common denominators: the (loathed) Patriots will be playing football, the Ground Hog will be wrong, and a goodly number of our clients will be getting divorced.

That’s right- family law practitioners know this well, and the statistics bear it out- the end of January is officially divorce season.

With that in mind, what better time to cover some basics on valuation matters related to divorce? Continue Reading…

Do you know the value of your business?

We’re engaged by folks to perform valuations for a wide variety of reasons (litigation, death and taxes – you name it).  But some of the smartest and most successful business owners engage us simply to understand the value of their business now.     Why?  Because there are they are attuned to these 5 things that ultimately increase net worth and smooth the path to a successful retirement: Continue Reading…

Thanks for the Great Event!

Big thanks to our speakers this morning-  BNY Mellon’s Chief Investment Strategist Jeff Mortimer and Chris Cathcart, a Partner with private equity group The Halifax Group.   Great insight on their thinking about the M&A environment in the next 12 to 24 months.

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Jeff Mortimer and Chris Cathcart


Selling to BigCo?

Beyond our affinity for tasting small batch brews, there are a few key business lessons to be learned by following the trends in both big beer and craft beer. How are these craft beer acquisitions changing the game within their industry and who is benefiting from these changes in ownership?  Dan Doran shares his insights on selling your startup to a larger corporation with AllBusiness readers. Check it out…