Business Appraisals

Specialists in business appraisals and valuations
of closely held companies. 

Our Process

We use sound business valuation methods and follow
a consistent business appraisal process
ensuring consistent results.

01. Define Scope

We work with you to understand the scope of required work and document in our engagement letter.

04. Management Interview

We conduct an interview and potentially a site visit with management.  Here we’ll review our initial data and really work to understand the risk profile of the business.

02. Data Collection

We’ll provide you a document request list that includes the initial documents we need to get started.

05. Analysis and Modeling

Once we have all data required and have worked with management we’ll dig in on our analysis using a variety of valuation models.

03. Initial Analysis

Once we have documents in we’ll complete data entry and a quick  first pass analysis to prep for management interviews.

06. Document Findings

We document our findings – the deliverable is typically a certified valuation report that details all of our assumptions, calculations, and results.


We complete hundreds of
valuation engagements each year.  

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