sba loan statistics

Which SBA Lenders are Active?

When it comes to SBA lending, not all lenders are created equal.  Some are very active in the program, while others aren’t active at all.  And just like with any loan situation, finding access to capital often comes down to finding the bank that has the right appetite for your situation.


Active Lenders

Not all lenders are particularly active when it comes to the SBA program.  It makes sense to take a look at who the active SBA lenders are in your market.    The SBA helps out business owners by publishing this data on a routine basis.  Below are the top 5 most active lenders so far in FY13.

Lender Number of Loans Gross Approval Amount
Wells Fargo Bank, National Ass 736 $ 197,930,077
U.S. Bank National Association 523 $ 99,150,275
Live Oak Banking Company 124 $ 90,782,550
The Huntington National Bank 804 $ 67,975,025
Ridgestone Bank 80 $ 59,431,625

Anything stand out there?  One thing that jumps off the page to us:  Huntington and Ridgestone have, for all intents, identical loan amounts originated… but Huntington has 10x the number of loans originated.  Thus… Ridgestone, on average, has an appetite for loans about 10x the size of Huntington.


Program Profiles

The SBA is probably best known for the signature 7(a) loan program.  But they have a range of programs that are lesser known – all of which it makes sense to research.  Ever helpful, they also publish weekly statistics regarding the number of loans and dollar value approved in each program.  See below.


Wading through the data is important – the loan process is arduous and time consuming.  If you’re not comfortable with working through it all on your own, consider using a loan broker.  Also, we’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest you give us a ring about the SBA loan valuation you’ll need for those bigger loans.  Good luck!