Crunching the SBA Lender Stats

As part of our ongoing series on SBA Loans, we thought it might be fun to look at how lenders stack up by state.  After all, Wells Fargo might be the 800 pound gorilla, but what if they aren’t focused on your state?  Right, then you wouldn’t care about Wells Fargo.

What We Did

We grabbed all the data that we could find on SBA Lenders in the North East.  We then segmented the data by bank and location- this let us see who the biggest lenders where in each area (rather than the typical data we see, which is simply a nationwide look at loan stats).

Here’s What We Found

First, Wells kills it nationwide, but they were the largest SBA lender in only one (Virginia) of the six states that we reviewed.  In New Jersey, Noah Bank and Republic First are the big dogs – each over 300% larger (by SBA loan volume) than the next closest peer.  Noah is also the top dog in New York.  The other two of note in New York are New Bank and M&T.  Delaware (which if we are being honest is not exactly a giant state) only has one lender in the double-digit millions: Applied Bank.

Go ahead and take a look at our data below:


Noah Bank 4,900,000 149,899,000 208,140,000 46,868,500
Republic First Bank d/b/a Repu… 19,670,000 5,450,000 164,324,800 64,081,900
NewBank 41,805,000 187,776,300
Manufacturers and Traders Trus… 6,718,700 143,803,100 46,456,300 19,493,000
Wells Fargo Bank 19,539,700 45,398,400 56,330,900 72,773,400
TD Bank, National Association 20,555,500 47,192,600 82,979,200
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National 29,246,000 97,351,000
Newtek Small Business Finance,… 36,542,900 30,613,300 56,650,800
Live Oak Banking Company 24,469,000 5,856,000 53,128,200 28,566,500
First Niagara Bank, National A… 42,340,000 48,403,000
Parke Bank 7,435,000 26,803,500 49,771,000
New York Business Development 73,720,700
Hanmi Bank 63,198,000
Community National Bank 58,717,000
The Huntington National Bank 47,409,200
Metro Bank 46,398,900
SunTrust Bank 46,326,600
MileStone Bank 44,971,500
Wilshire Bank 9,900,000 32,796,000
Enterprise Bank 42,200,900
Sonabank 42,118,000
Webster Bank, National Associa… 37,575,800
Santander Bank, National Assoc… 30,962,700
Branch Banking and Trust Compa… 2,645,000 27,742,300
Access National Bank 2,228,000 23,122,400
Applied Bank 20,553,000
VantageSouth Bank 18,581,300
Hana Small Business Lending, I… 14,934,000
EagleBank 14,635,300
Farmington Bank 12,428,500
People’s United Bank 10,981,600
CapitalSource Bank 7,580,000
The First National Bank of Wyo… 6,664,000
Cecil Bank 5,325,000
Wilmington Savings Fund Societ… 5,080,400
Capital Bank, National Associa… 530,000
Cardinal Bank 475,000
BBCN Bank 200,000
Commerce Bank & Trust Company 150,000
Compass Bank 124,000
Celtic Bank Corporation 120,000
City First Bank of D.C., Natio… 90,000
Citibank, N.A. 55,000