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We’re laying down the gauntlet: grow your companies value in 2018.  We’re growing ours, are you ready to dive in?

We work with companies that are not interested in status quo.  Our entrepreneurial clients have the drive and grit to take it to the next level.   We help them do that with our Certified Exit Planning Advisors, Fractional CFO’s, or Board Advisors.

Let’s explore how we can help you in your mission to #RaiseYourGame in 2018.

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Our Recent Writing on Value Growth and Exits

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow value and set up for the perfect exit.
Take a look at some of our latest thinking.

  • Clear Rock is now part of the Quantive Family

    Clear Rock is now part of the Quantive Family

    We are pleased to announce that our sister company, Clear Rock Advisors, LLC., has rebranded under the Quantive name. The two companies share common ownership, and this rebranding better aligns with our vision of […]

  • State of GovCon M&A: 2018 Edition

    State of GovCon M&A: 2018 Edition

    Bottom Line Up Front (Or BLUF, for you military folks): The M&A Market is HOT.  But do read on because, as always, there’s some nuance to it…. Despite declines in the overall market, M&A […]

  • Understanding Valuation Adjustments

    Understanding Valuation Adjustments

    One common step in all business valuations is the “search for adjustments” – whether it be a public company with GAAP accounting or a small pass through entity.  Valuation analysts are (almost) always looking […]

  • Common Issues When Valuing a Small Business for Divorce

    Common Issues When Valuing a Small Business for Divorce

    Every valuation engagement is unique and dependent upon a wide range of considerations, observations, and assumptions.  One business can have multiple valuation conclusions based on the purpose at hand, intended user, date of the […]

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