Fast Business Valuations

One question that comes up over and over again is how fast can you complete my business valuation?  Our goal is to complete every valuation in two weeks. We make every effort to get work back out to our clients as soon as possible so that our valuation is not standing in the way of your progress.


How Can Quantive Deliver Such Fast Business Valuations?


We focus on maintaining a rigorous process.  We’ve developed and refined the process to the point that we can turn around business valuations quickly.    As the diagram indicates, we focus on initial analysis, review, number crunching, and reporting. Other factors that help us:

  • Focus on technology.  We use technology to our advantage at every turn! From Hipchat to Teamwork, our tools enable us to work more effectively
  • Online Valuation Questionnaire.  We developed a valuation web app to help speed up our data collection process
  • Focus on deadlines.  I grew up a military guy – of course we focus on deadlines.

So What Factors Can You Influence?

If you need a fast business valuation, here are a few items that you can do internally to make the process as fast as possible.

  • Have your financials available.  (We’ll need at least 3-5 years)
  • Be ready to answer questions on “what the numbers mean.”  Oftentimes we’ll have to make normalizing adjustments, and in many cases we rely on you for guidance.
  • We’ll need some time from you!  We try to be as non-intrusive as possible, but in order to truly perform a fast business valuation you’ll have to be flexible in some scheduling


Factors You Can’t Influence

Sometimes things are just out of your control.  Those can range from simply our current backlog and workload to access to data.  For instance:

  • In divorce or litigation scenarios, access to data is sometimes questionable and impacts our timeline
  • Complexity.  In scenarios that are not straightforward the timeline can certainly increase
  • Time of Year.  Things tend to get busier in the 4th quarter as clients go through their planning processes- be early if you want something done for the end of the year!

TIP: If you know you’ll be needing a valuation be sure to hunt down your previous 3-5 years of financial statements.  It’s the first thing we’ll ask for!

Let’s Make Arrangements

Bottom line, however, is that we always work with you clients to try to meet required dates when time is critical and you need a fast business valuation.  If in doubt, shoot us a line and we’ll be happy to try to work something out.