Welcome to 2015!

A warm and hearty welcome to 2015! I don’t know about you, but we are happy to be back and getting after it here in 2015. While we thoroughly enjoyed 2014 – and working with a raft of new clients and professional colleagues – 2015 is sure to be another great year.

So what’s the plan in 2015? On the valuation front we anticipate another solid year of growth. We’ll be rolling out some new web applications to help us – and you – with the valuation process. Certainly an exciting opportunity to increase capacity and better serve our clients.

On the publishing front we have a pretty full calendar. In January and February we’ll be talking a bunch about using business valuations in the course of divorce proceedings. We’ll also have a feature on pro sports team values – nothing to heavy, but should be fun! January and February also sees a few interesting interviews and quest articles lined up from some of our great professional partners here at Quantive.

Like we said – like Bart Scott said! – “Can’t Wait!”


Posted in: Appraisals and Valuations