Look at That Pop in GDP

We all remember – some more vividly than others- just how bad the winter of 2014 was.  The economy basically stalled.  In large part, that stall was related to a very cold winter that shut down a lot of activity (at least that’s what a lot of people argued).

This week’s release of GDP numbers bolsters that viewpoint.  GDP grew at a rate of 4.0% in the most recent quarter.  That’s pretty darn good.  As the chart below from Quartz confirmed, some of the pent up demand from the previous quarter was released in the most recent.


We’ll be interested to see what’s next.  With public company valuations creeping higher (the stock market continues to flirt with ever increasing highs) – is this a sign of The Bubble 3.0? We’re now a solid 6 years removed from the heart of the “Financial Crisis.”  Fingers crossed that we continue on with the good times, right?