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10 Apr

Business Valuation in Philadelphia

  • Posted by dan
  • business valuation philadelphia, business valuations in philadelphia

Business Valuations in Philadelphia

business valuation philadelphiaQuantive is a Tri-State firm with a focus on completing business valuations in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.  Our professionals complete business valuations for nearly all scopes and reasons.  Regardless if you need a valuation in anticipation of a purchase or sale, it’s part of a shareholder buyout, or perhaps you are going through a divorce- Quantive’s professionals can work with you to complete a business valuation that meets your needs.  

A primary consideration for picking a business valuation firm in Philadelphia is that, as the SBA statistics suggest, nearly 80% of business owner’s wealth is tied up in their company.  Given that, it’s incredibly important to hire an experienced appraiser to complete a business valuation for what is likely your largest single asset.  

Quantive’s certified valuations professionals work with you to complete a well documented, defensible business valuation for your Philadelphia area business.   

Quantive stands out for a number of reasons.

Experience with Litigation Support Valuations

We routinely perform business valuations in Phildelphia for litigation support engagements.  Those would include, amongst others:


  • Business valuations for divorce proceedings
  • Valuations for shareholder disputes
  • Valuations for lost profits and damages
  • Many other scenarios where business value is a key element

Our experience and comfort level work with attorney’s on these matters helps reduce at least one component of what is likely a very stressful process for the business owner.  We’re typically able to offer advice on items that you and counsel should be focusing on in order to accomplishing your goals.  


Nothing But Valuations

We often run into firms that do a few  business valuations on the side, such as smaller CPA firms and business brokers, presenting a conflict with their main business.  At Quantive we do nothing but business valuations.  Our focus and dedication to the trade help us remain conflict free while having a deeper understanding of the principals involved.  

Certified Valuations

If you are looking for a certified business valuations in Philadelphia, each of our professionals is NACVA certified and our reports are in compliance with NACVA standards.  

Quantive’s Services:

We conduct business valuations in Philadelphia for a wide range of reasons and purposes. Learn More.

  • Valuations for Purchases and Sales
  • Business valuations for divorce
  • 409(A) valuations
  • Business Valuations for Estate Planning
  • Many more

We work with business owners to gain deep insights into what drives your business and then quantify that into likely fair market value.  Our depth of experience allows that to get to the heart of value – and understand value proposition as well as risk areas – quickly and with minimal impact on the business.   



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