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10 Apr

Business Valuations in New Jersey

  • Posted by dan
  • business valuation in new jersey

Business Valuations in New Jersey

As a New Jersey based firm, Quantive is a well known and highly regarded business valuation firm.  We complete business valuations in New Jersey for a wide variety of situations – ranging from tax and litigation to purchases and sales.  Our professionals have deep experience in business valuation and are thoroughly credentialed in order to perform certified reports.   

Studies indicate that a business is oftentimes the most valuable asset in a business owners portfolio.  Its imperative, then, to hire a professional that is both qualified to appraise your business and capable of understanding that drives value.  Our professionals are both – and we are happy to share references to get you comfortable with your service level and performance.  The importance of choosing correctly for your New Jersey  business appraisal simply cannot be overstated.  

Our goal is to work with business owners to develop a highly accurate, insightful indication of value for their business.  We work to make the process as painless as possible while developing deep insights into what drives value – and risk – in your particular business.  We then incorporate these components into a thorough report.  

Beyond our reputation for quality work and exceptional customer service, Quantive stands out for a number of reasons.

Experience in Litigation Matters

Regardless if you need a business valuation for divorce or for a dispute with a shareholder, Quantive helps remove one element of stress from the process.  We routinely work hand in hand with attorneys on a range of matters.  Our experience in business valuation, and in particular the litigation arena, often helps us point the attorney and business owner to the questions that they “should be asking.”  

Our Focus: Business Valuations.  Period.  

Some CPA firms will occasionally do a business valuation.  Our professionals, on the other hand, do nothing but valuation work.  Being specialized helps us have a deeper understanding of the principals, work more efficiently, and more often than not have a better appreciation of likely market value.   If that weren’t enough, we promise to answer your call during tax season… 

We’re Certified

Our business valuation professionals are certified through NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts).  When you need a certified business valuation in New Jersey it makes sense to contact Quantive.  

Quantive’s Services:

We conduct business valuations in New Jersey for a wide range of reasons and purposes. Learn More.

  • Valuations for Purchases and Sales
  • Business valuations for divorce
  • 409(A) valuations
  • Business Valuations for Estate Planning
  • Many more

Quantive works to get a solid understanding of your company and get to the heart of what drives value.  Working closely with management we analyze the data, understand operations, and develop a valuation report that fits your needs.  



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