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15 May

Business Valuations in Los Angeles

  • Posted by Ruby Burris
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los angeles business valuationsQuantive is a well-regarded business valuation firm. Our Los Angeles business valuations are done for a wide range of reasons: whether you want to buy another business, sell your own business or are seeking financing. Our extraordinary experience, coupled with our National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA) certifications allow us to develop high-quality, customized, and accurate reports based on your situation and needs.

As a business is typically the most valuable asset in a business owner’s portfolio, it makes sense to choose a Los Angeles business appraiser with a track record of excellence and a reputation for documented, accurate reports.

Our goal is to provide a thoroughly reasoned, well supported report that shows not only the value calculated, but also the framework and underlying assumptions that go into the development of value. At any time, our trusted experts can explain the process of accurate business valuations: the approach they’ll be using, what discounts may apply, what the standards of value are, and the main factors that will impact the value of your business.

You don’t have to rely on our assessment of our performance. Ask our customers. We’re happy to share references so you can hear for yourself about Quantive’s service quality and performance.


Our Reputation

We’ve earned the reputation we have because:

Extensive Litigation Experience

Quantive’s expert assessors are part of your team. We will help your attorneys throughout the whole process, focusing you and them on the most important issues or considerations.

Complete Focus on Valuation.

Business Valuations –it’s all we do. And because it’s all we do, it gives us a rich and deep understanding of valuations. This means we not only know what we’re doing, we know how to do it efficiently and accurately. We know the things to watch out for, and we know what questions to ask to give you the best assessment of your company’s true market value.

And We’re Certified

Never underestimate the importance of certifications. All of our Quantive analysts are NACVA certified to provide you certified Los Angeles business valuations.



Quantive’s Services:

There are many reasons why you might need a valuation:

  • Valuations for Purchases and Sales
  • Business valuations for divorce
  • 409(A) valuations
  • Business Valuations for Estate Planning
  • Many more


Let’s Talk

By working closely with you and your team, Quantive will take the time to understand your business and what is at the core of its value, yielding a report that is accurate and meets your needs.

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