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15 May

Business Valuations in Indianapolis

  • Posted by Ruby Burris
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indianapolis business valuationsQuantive performs business valuations in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for nearly all industries and purposes. We routinely complete business valuations for:

  • Purchases, sales
  • Shareholder disputes / buy-ins / buy-outs
  • Valuations for divorce
  • Litigation support
  • Many others

Quantive is exclusively a valuations firm. We have a breadth of local area experience in many different industries and types of companies. Chances are that we have experience working on a valuation assignment that is similar to yours.

Selecting the right analyst is imperative. You’re asking someone to assess your most valuable asset – something that typically ties up 80% of your wealth. Something this important warrants searching for and securing the right valuations firm.

We work with our clients to gain an understanding of their situation, collect data, understand what makes the company unique, what the “value proposition” is, where risk lies, and then provide an accurate report that is defensible an captures the essence of your company.

Why Choose Quantive

We’ve earned our reputation. Here’s why:

Work with Legal Counsel

From divorce to shareholder disputes and all sorts of other litigation situations Quantive provides support to your legal team. Our frequent work with legal counsel helps us understand the situation quickly, identify the right areas to focus on, and produce a report that can withstand rigorous assessment or scrutiny.

We Do Valuations. Period.

Quantive exclusively performs business valuations: no taxes, no audits, no financial reporting, no management consulting, no business brokering. We are highly specialized: which means we’re thorough and accurate. We’re consistently a neutral third party – giving greater weight to the credibility, independent nature, and findings of our analysis.

We’re Certified

Take time to check out any valuation service provider’s credentials. Our business valuation analysts are certified through NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts).

Quantive’s Services:

We conduct business valuations in Indianapolis for a wide range of reasons and purposes. Learn More.

  • Valuations for Purchases and Sales
  • Business valuations for divorce
  • 409(A) valuations
  • Business Valuations for Estate Planning
  • Many more


We’d Love to Hear from You

But don’t take our word for how great we are: we’re happy to provide references who will share their experiences with you.

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